Smt. M. Janaki
District Collector

Introduction :

The District S.C. Service Coop. Society Ltd., Nellore was established during the year 1974 and registered under Co-operative Societies Act 1964 for the socio-economic development of Scheduled Caste families in the District, preferably who are below poverty line.

Objectives :

  • To Provide financial assistance for creation of income generating assets to the needy SC beneficiaries
  • Other training programmes for skill upgration leading to self and wage employment
  • Empower women self help groups for taking up of economic support activity

General Profile :

  • The Andhra Pradesh has about 1,23,39,496 SC Population (2011 Census) Which forms nearly 16.2% of the state population.
  • In SPSR Nellore District , the SC Population is 6,66,588 and 22.49 % as against the District population of 29,63,557.
  • Major Occupation in SPSR Nellore District among SCs are Agriculture Labours.

Performance of Dist.SC Society :

  • Since inception with the motive of comprehensive development of Scheduled caste families various activities have been taken up from 1974-75 to 2014-15 a number of 3,22,259 SC people were assisted incurring an amount of Rs.37096.075 Lakhs
  • Out of which 69,842 beneficiaries were covered under Loan waiver programme with Financial benefit of Rs.4142.927 Lakhs.